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Tree kangaroo orphanage: Serious work, seriously adorable video.

We first learned about Margit Cianelli by eavesdropping on a Facebook conversation between two tree kangaroo experts: Nature writer Sy Montgomery, and the world’s leading expert on these animals, Lisa Dabek.

Sy wrote “The Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea” (Scientists in the Field Series), and Lisa is a conservation scientist with the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, as well as the director and founder of The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program. Lisa has been working in Papua New Guinea since 1996 and is a hero of conservation who focuses on people, communities, tree kangaroos, and the environment.

Lisa and Sy were praising Margit, a wildlife “carer” who rehabilitates injured or orphaned animals in Queensland, Australia. Margit’s work is amazing and many of her babies are released back into the wild successfully. We have to admit, though, that one of our favorite moments in this video is when a joey eats spaghetti.

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–Vicki Croke and Christen Goguen


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