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Hen Zen: what the chickens have to teach us

Life lessons from a chicken? Watch this interview with Terry Hill and her hen Mrs. Grey and you may discover that chickens can be more sensible than some of your friends.

Terry Hill reads to Mrs. Grey in the waiting room of the New England Wildlife Center. Photo: Christen Goguen.

Terry Hill with Mrs Grey

Vicki learns some interesting facts about Mrs. Grey.
Photo: Christen Goguen.

Terry and Vicki

3 Responses to “Hen Zen: what the chickens have to teach us”

  1. Peter Clemons

    Hello terry hill. So this is a sensible and comforting little piece about chickens. I didn’t realize what I was missing. Mrs grey seems to have a good life. A lovely bird. And the fresh egg in Pete’s bed is a wonderful image.

  2. Bob Boisvert

    I understand that you know my daughter Lisa. My views are totally different than hers frequently, and this may be one of the times.
    During WWII we raised 110 chickens, made up of laying hens and roosters. None were ever in the house though – that could result in quite a mess because they not only lay eggs and crow. If we ever had a hen that laid only one egg a week it would soon become our Sunday dinner but I understand how you could become attached to one as a pet and that it would not become a dinner.
    Good luck with your hen – have you designed a diaper for it?

  3. Tesshiva

    Loved this! I grew up down the Cape with a very small flock of chickens, thanks to an inspiring 4-H leader, Miss Elizabeth Bourne. A favorite Barred Rock, named Radar, would follow me around the garden, gobbling bugs as I tipped over rocks for her. She was truly focused on the moment and a lesson in living Zen. The eggs were kind of nice, too. For a ten year old with a lot of free time and no technological diversions, good times!


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