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Nature’s barcode

Since endangered Grevy’s zebras have stripe patterns like barcodes, conservationists are developing the technology to “scan” them. Keeping track of individuals can help save the species.

Gorilla baby boom

We humans should be so cute. This compelling portrait shows 33-year-old Julia and her newborn infant. This baby’s birth was the first of two at the Bronx Zoo over the last weeks. And because Western lowland gorillas are endangered, every birth counts.

Best cure for skunk spray ever

It’s spring. A time when pets and skunks sometimes mingle. In my experience it tends to happen late at night, just before bed, and usually when you have an important meeting scheduled the next morning.

Field of dreams

Want some good news about agriculture and conservation getting along? Check out an exciting new program called “BirdReturns,” which has rice farmers and migrating shore birds working toward the same goal.

The egg of peace

This is Sydney, a 13-year-old rescued emu at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton, Mass., as he sits on his “egg.” He’s not having an identity crisis—wild male emus (Australia’s largest bird) do most of the egg incubating. But he is having, maybe, an egg identification crisis…