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A vaccine to save devils?

Finally, there might be a breakthrough in the effort to save Tasmanian devils. The beautiful and much maligned marsupials have been dying of a strange and contagious cancer—called devil facial tumor disease…

Flying turtles: from tank to tarmac

By Vicki Croke and Christen Goguen–The airlift of three rescued loggerhead turtles has been something of a nail biter. And the looming ice storm barreling up the East Coast, threatening to derail today’s departure, is just the latest peril for Biscuits, the oldest and largest of the evacuees.

Napoleon got it right about dogs

“In the deep silence of a beautiful moonlit night, a dog, leaping suddenly from beneath the clothes of his dead master rushed upon us and then immediately returned to his hiding-place, howling piteously. He alternately licked his master’s hand, and again flew at us, as if at once soliciting aid and seeking revenge…

Why turtles hate me

By guest blogger Dr. Greg Mertz. Turtles hate me. It is a learned thing. And perhaps a tribal thing. I do awful things to turtles, in their view. I cut their toenails, their beaks, and feed them medicines. I don’t entice them, I don’t cajole them, I just simply pick them up, pry their mouths open, and…